Linking Technology and HPE

I am now in my fourth year of studying primary education and specialising in Health and Physical Education and am currently undertaking the course EDP4130. As part of that course I am required to curate a particular topic relevant to the Australian Curriculum: Technologies. I have chosen to curate a collection of ideas and resources that link the technologies curriculum with Health and Physical Education.

To view my curation project please click Linking the Australian Curriculum: Technologies with Health and Physical Education

Would really appreciate any feedback along my journey of creating a curation project.

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Week 15- ABC Splash

A fellow EDC3100 student, Lindsay Chapman, wrote a blog about a website called ABC Splash which provides educators with valuable teaching and learning resources. I checked the website out and would definitely consider using it when planning lessons for future practical experiences and when I am  a fully qualified teacher. In Lindsay’s blog she mentions the benefits of the website which include;

  • It provides access to hundreds of resources linked directly to the Australian Curriculum
  • It provides access to videos, cutting-edge games, virtual worlds and digital experiences
  • It provides material for Early Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary contexts

As Lindsay recommended, I suggest that you take a few minutes to check the website out.

Week 15- Bee-Bot App

During one of the on-campus tutorials for one of my other classes this semester (EDX3280- Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy) we were looking at the topic of location and transformation and the lecturer shared a resource call bee-bot which is now also an app so I thought I would share it. I recommend you to check it out yourself however, I will try to describe it as best as I can. So like the name suggests, there is a bee involved and you need to try and get it to a location such as a flower. For students to do this they need to push in the whole bee’s journey from the beginning square by pushing the buttons which coincide with north, south, east and west for the appropriate amount of squares. I think the app is great for the topic of location and transformation and also a good way to integrate ICTs.

To check the app out please click Bee-Bot


Week 15- What is your mindset?

After engaging with the EDC3100 learning path and practical experience these last three weeks, I feel that my mindset is focus on change however, I still resonate with ICTs to improve schools as this will ensure that schools are doing well in preparing students for the future. Although incorporating ICTs into my practical experience was a requirement, I felt that students enjoyed the use of ICTs, especially as my context was HPE where they are not exposed to ICTs as much as they are in their normal classroom. I even feel now that with the experience of incorporating ICTs into the context of HPE that I would be more likely to integrate it in future applications. During my EDC3100 practical experience, the students that I taught even saw the benefits of me implementing ICTs into their lessons and I was often asked which apps I used as students wanted to go home and download the app themselves.

Click three mindsets to see which mindset you have if you haven’t already looked at it during this week’s learning path.

Which mindset do you have?

Week 11- Pessimist or Optimist towards ICT in learning

Grace is a fellow EDC3100 student and in preparation for prac has written a blog called Building My Prac Folder which contains a link to numerous apps which will come in handy if you have access to ipads or iphones. The website provides apps for all different topics and actually divides the apps up into learning areas to help you with your search. On the same line of Prac and integrating ICTs, I would also like to share the picture below which Joe Bower a teacher in Canada included into one of his blogs. I think the picture is very relevant to our practical experience situation as some see integrating ICTs in learning as an opportunity to expand their pedagogy whereas some see it more as a curse then a blessing. Regardless of whether you are a pessimist or optimist towards implementing ICTs in learning, I think the important thing we must remember is that it isn’t about us but the students we will be teaching and the world they will be growing up in.

(Churchill, 1965)

Week 11- Show Me

Continuing with my topic of interest- ICT in HPE, another great app is Show Me. As HPE normally occurs on the oval or on the multipurpose courts as oppose to in a classroom, this app provides you with your very own portable interactive whiteboard which is very useful to model the layout of games, strategies and much more. Show Me allows you to draw or write using different coloured pens as per a normal whiteboard however, it additionally allows you to insert photos from your ipad library and the web or take a photo on the spot which is very useful to provide students with visual feedback on what they are doing well and their areas for improvement. Further, the app allows you to add recording  which is handy to cater for the visual learners as well as auditory learners. Show Me also allows you to save what you have done using the interactive whiteboard which is very useful if you need to give another student, group or class the same instructions, strategies, feedback etc. I personally think this app is great as it can not only be used in HPE but in other subjects when walking around the classroom, working outside of the classroom or even on excursions. The app is also quite easy to use and manage as it is similar to a normal whiteboard with a few additional features, a vital one including being able to refer back to past uses of the whiteboard.

(Apple, 2012)


Week 11- SloPro and Video Delay

The learning activities for EDC3100 this week continue exploring my topics of interest, mainly being ICT in HPE. As I have a HPE practical experience coming up which requires me to integrate ICTs to enhance the learning of the students, I thought this week I would share a few apps that I have downloaded to help me with this in case there are other students that are in the same boat as me and need some ideas. SloPro and Video Delay are two apps that are very similar which I believe would be a great help when students are learning skills such as throwing, long jump etc. They both focus on recording a student perform an action then providing them with visual feedback of themselves however, as SloPro suggests this app provides the video of the athlete in slow motion whereas Video Delay provides the video in normal time. I think that both these apps would be great as some students may be able to see what their areas for improvement are in normal time where some students might prefer to have the action slowed down so that they can see exactly where they are going wrong with the technique. Another difference between the apps is that SloPro enables you to record and save the videos so that you are able to refer back to them in instances such as assessment to see how much a student has improved whereas Video Delay gives you a live view that is unable to be saved. In my opinion, both these apps are quite easy to use and manage and don’t require a lot of stuffing around which is great in order to maximise academic learning time.

(Apple, 2012)

(Apple, 2012)


Week 10- ICT in HPE

During this week a fellow EDC3100 student, Candace Merriman, wrote a blog called ICT-riched lesson in Health and Physical Education- Resources to help you along the way. In her blog she discusses an app called Coach’s Eye which enables you to capture a video of students’ performing an action such as an overarm throw and provide them with personal, visual feedback to help them improve their technique. Candace mentions in her blog that you can also add a voiceover to the students’ recording as well as screen annotations which would be very useful as this would cater for the diverse learning styles of students. I have actually downloaded the app on my Ipad and look forward to implementing Coach’s Eye in my HPE practical experience that is coming up in just over a weeks time. I have also had a play around with the app and found some benefits of the app such as that it is easy to share and save the video files and it is ideal for giving students direct feedback.

Mr Robbo (also known as the P.E Geek) also mentions the app Coach’s Eye in one of his blogs. To read his blog please click: The Android App Starter Package

(Apple, 2012)


Week 10- P.E Geek

During this week, another topic of interest that I chose was ICTs in HPE. A great resource that I have discovered is a blog called the P.E Geek by Mr Robbo, which has now become an app available for iPads and iPhones. I find this blog very resourceful as it has brought my awareness to a variety of apps that can be used in diverse contexts. For example, Mr Robbo blogs about apps that can be used for video analysis and delay, assessment, to teach health, fitness, dance and other specific sports, plus many more. A downside to Mr Robbo’s blog is that he focuses mainly on Ipad apps which would be a downfall if you don’t have one. Also, as the aim of his blog is to encourage teachers to implement ICTs in HPE on a regular basis, he provides more ICT resources that can be used by the teacher as oppose to students. Regardless, I believe that I will refer to Mr Robbo’s blog on a regular basis in future educational contexts, especially in the context of HPE. I also currently find myself referring to his blog for inspiration as I will be shortly undertaking a three week practical experience in the context of HPE, where I am required to implement ICTs to enhance the learning of the students. I strongly recommend checking out M.r Robbo’s blog as he mentions some great apps in his posts as well as incorporates videos of ICT being implemented in HPE.

To view Mr Robbo’s blog, please click: P.E Geek

Week 10- Easy Assessment

During the learning activities for this week I chose using ICTs for assessment as a topic of interest. When researching resources I came across an app called Easy Assessment via the P.E Geek’s blog however, this app would be great for any learning area. This app can be downloaded onto iPads and iPhones and is a great way to capture and assess performance in any context or situation as it is in the palm of your hands and great for on the go. I also found this app handy as classes and subjects can easily be added and managed and it also allows you to develop a rubric. I believe that I would use this app in the future within education contexts, especially when teaching Health and Physical Education as I find it to be a great way to easily record results and notes, particularly when assessing numerous elements.

To learn more, please click: Easy Assessment

(Apple, 2012)